Amightywind Original Birthday Song to YAHSLittleone YAHSHolyMinistry007 DaughterofYAH27 and YAHSOWN


Originally Published on Jul 23, 2012 by StandUpForYAH03 (thanks beloveds) ,,,Come to YAHUSHUA/Jesus today: , ,This video was made and dedicated to you beloveds:,YAHslittlleone,DaughterofYAH27,YAHsHolyMinistry007,YAH’sown777,We love you guys so much and we pray blessings on your birthdays!!,YAH Bless you all! Here are the lyrics to the song:,V1:,Words can’t express the love inside our hearts,Even though we seem to live far apart,and you’ve always been the one to pick us up when we’re down,We know you’ll always be around,You never left me alone in the dark,You were always close when I felt so far to heal my heart,ch:,Coz today we celebrate ,the day you were born,and today I say ,YAHUSHUA will never let you go,so hold on, be strong this is your birthday song,V2:,I know sometimes you can have a rough day,,But your blessings make it all worth the wait,After all I know that you’ll be ok,Through YAHUSHUA’s blood all pain will be washed away.

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