BEWARE, The Spirit Of The Antichrist! Forewarned is Forearmed! WORD to yahsladynred


Originally Published on May 4, 2012 by vinnyhb2 (thanks beloved son) nn,nn,,nn,”Do you know what you are wrestling with in a way you have never done before? It is the spirit of the antichrist, and you have been singled out for he fears the ministry that I have entrusted to you. NOW do you believe that you will reach tens of millions of souls for MY Son YAHUSHUA’s glory?nn,nn,Listen closely to what he speaks and how he speaks it. The spirit of the antichrist does NOT deny YAHUVEH is GOD, he does NOT deny the Ruach Ha Kodesh is real, his main goal is to turn people away from believing the deity of My Son YAHUSHUA! To cause them to believe there is NO Messiah that died for their sins! That YAHUSHUA existed the antichrist spirit will not deny, but that He rose again from the dead bodily he will deny! That YAHUSHUA, is GOD in the trinity he will deny!nn,nn,The antichrist spirit will say that YAHUSHUA, rose again in the SPIRIT but that his body is still in the tomb like any other mortal man! That antichrist spirit that has come against you comes in a form unlike the other antichrist spirits, for he comes with flattering lips saying you are to be no. 5 messiah! When you say you are NOT a Messiah, that there is ONLY one that shed his blood at Calvary to cover the sins of the world and his name is YAHUSHUA, you are mocked, for he tells you that NO blood covering is needed to cover sin! He says the truth that satan is out after you and satan has been assigned to destroy you, and this man is sent from satan, to stop you from leading tens of millions of souls to YAHUSHUA, and satan knows multitudes will be Jews!nn,nn,My daughter, the antichrist knows how much you love Me and he does not try to take your love away from YAHUVEH, instead he tries to take your love away from YAHUSHUA! And this is what he is doing to millions already! The antichrist spirit taunts you and says you are Jewish and yet you don’t keep the first commandment! Thou shall have no other GODS before YAHUVEH. Of course you are not breaking that commandment! Because you worship my son YAHUSHUA, he says you are breaking that commandment. Don’t listen to the words of the antichrist. Warn my people how sly and deceptive he is, and how My Word will be twisted.nn,nn,The antichrist spirit will remind you how Catholicism has changed parts of the Bible. You must be discerning of what is truth and what is lies in this end time. I have allowed this antichrist spirit to come to you so you will recognize who speaks and warn others. In Israel the antichrist spirit is what you will encounter again but now you have been forewarned and you are forearmed. The antichrist spirit speaks in other religions such as Buddhist and Moslem, and any religion that denies the deity of YAHUSHUA, is antichrist! They will come with the spirit of deception and strong illusion. As this man writes you he has been given supernatural powers but they are NOT from the hand of YAHUVEH, but from the powers of darkness. You are NOT to try and argue doctrine in your intellect but rather when you come against these spirits, pray in the name of YAHUSHUA and allow the Ruach Ha Kodesh to speak forth.”nn,nn,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nn,nn,ALMIGHTYWIND MINISTRY is a holy ministry preaching the gospel of YAHUSHUA HA MASIACH!! AMEN!! Special thanks to Abbasbeeloved 🙂 for reading Elisabeth Elijah’s part. nn,nn,The enemies against AMW are liars and will one day make their bed in hell! No weapon formed against Amightywind will prosper in YAHUSHUA NAME.nn,nn, See statement of faith

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