AmightyWind in Polygamy, Pornography & Slander_ or TJbrook88


TJbrook88 says that AmightyWind Ministry practices and supports polygamy. What is her evidence? Video debunks her foolish conclusions about AMW Ministriesnn,nn,After I finished this video, TJbrook continued her over-the-top lies, when she claimed that AmightyWind fabricated pornography to slander her. We’ve never made such videos to slander her, although her accusation seems to indicate that she may be indeed involved in pornography. I wouldn’t be surprised.nn,nn,Visit the search page and see AmightyWind has never promoted polygamy in anyway.nn,,nn,nn,for more & 120+ End Time Prophecies visitnn,,,We are an Apostolic, Messianic Jewish, Pentecostal Ministry

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