PROOF Female HOLY SPIRIT, a SHE in Bible – Hebrew feminine more than grammatical gender


Please pay attention to the ENTIRE video before jumping to a conclusion. I am making the point that this is more than mere grammatical gender in play.nn,is the HOLY SPIRIT a HE, SHE or IT?nn,nn,for the original video that this is taken from, go here:nn,,nn,In the Hebrew language, the HOLY SPIRIT is feminine and referred to as such. To say that calling the HOLY SPIRIT feminine or using the pronoun “she” is heretical, is to say that the Old Testament is heretical.nn,nn,The word spirit in Hebrew is grammatically feminine. This is not what makes the HOLY SPIRIT feminine. Sometimes the word “spirit” (though a feminine word) in the Hebrew Scriptures is given masculine modifiers.nn,nn,However when the HOLY SPIRIT is portrayed as the 3rd Person of the HOLY TRINITY in role and action, the feminine modifiers are used. Where GOD the Father (who is a Spirit John 4:20-24) is portrayed as SPIRIT, the masculine modifiers are used.nn,nn,The idea is: the one we know as the “HOLY SPIRIT”, the Divine 3rd person of the HOLY TRINITY may be considered a Female Divine Person. Just as GOD the FATHER and SON are considered Male Divine Persons. Together they are ONE GOD, ‘manifested’ in Three Divine Persons who are in total agreement in will and holiness, omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. They are ONE GOD, just as one family is one family having two or more persons who together are one (family).nn,nn,nn,Sorry, as of now June 2011, these playlists are still incomplete:nn,ABSOLUTE, undeniable PROOF from Scripture Manuscripts as backup of AMIGHTYWIND Prophecies 89-90nn,,more proofnn,,nn,nn,PSnn,Re the rumor that the HOLY SPIRIT was called “HE” in Greek a few times. Its not true. It has to do with incorrect pronoun antecedent agreement. The pronoun he is never used for the neuter Greek word pneuma (spirit) but is used for the masculine Greek word parakletos (comforter) hence the rumor that the HOLY SPIRIT was called “he”. It has nothing to do with natural gender and everything to do with Greek grammar.nn,nn,nn,You have permission to use this video unless your purpose is to mock/slander ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, RUACH HA KODESH, the Amightywind Ministry, Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah Nikomia etc. If you decide to use (download/upload) this video, you must link to and in the description box and make them tags as well.

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