AMIGHTYWIND- Dream- BEWARE! Adolf Hitler will rise again from the Dead!


Mirrored dream video Originally uploaded by YAHsHolyMinistry on Oct 1, 2011nn,(thanks son) nn,nn,This is a warning to the Spiritual and Biological Jews who belong to ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH ha KODESH that there is one coming who has a spirit unto like a hitler, who is the son of perdition, the son of satan, and also known as the Antichrist. Take heed to this warning that all Biological and Spiritual Jews HE will seek to destroy. You must keep your faith in ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST, and the RUACH ha KODESH to be saved and live a loving and obedient relationship with our heavenly creators. To those who refuse to accept YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as lord as savior, they will have no protection. nn,nn,We at AMIGHTYWIND ministries pray that this dream reaches and warns many who’s names are truly written in the Lambs book of Life and that Psalm 91 protection will be upon them in the glorious and mighty name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! AMEN!nn,nn,Please Visit us at AMIGHTYWIND.COM or ALMIGHTYWIND for more End-Time Prophetic Dreams/Visions and Words from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.nn,nn,,==========nn,Dream hitler jewish “spiritual israel” “elisabeth elijah” “amightywind ministries” almightywind warning “prophetic dream” “end time message” holocaust “GREAT TRIBULATION” antichrist YAHUSHUA YAHUVEH “RUACH ha KODESH” “JESUS CHRIST” “GOD ALMIGHTY” TRUTH “GOLD TEETH” BLOOD MARTYRS “BLOOD FLOWING IN STREETS” NWO GOVERNMENT FASCISM “SATANS AGENDA” COMMUNISM “TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP”nn,nn,Dream hitler jewish spiritual Israel elisabeth elijah amightywind ministries almightywind warning prophetic dream end time message holocaust GREAT TRIBULATION antichrist YAHUSHUA YAHUVEH RUACH ha KODESH JESUS CHRIST GOD ALMIGHTY TRUTH GOLD TEETH BLOOD MARTYRS BLOOD FLOWING IN STREETS NWO GOVERNMENT FASCISM SATANS AGENDA COMMUNISM TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP Obama

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