Chinese- YAHUSHUA Jesus Second Coming Prophecy given to Elisabeth Elijah, yahsladynred, by GOD


Originally uploaded with translation by WeepingLambOfYah (thanks beloved daughter) on Jan 29, 2012,Chinese playlist: ,,By the Apostle Elizabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu), written under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) said records. ,English site,Chinese website ,,,Tell people, a cry from the world to the other end, my Son to come to the King of kings Lord of Lords! Tell them, my children, repent, the kingdom of heaven! The Day of Atonement fell on his face, fell to the ground in the spiritual world, you look down V in the King shall come! To be ready, my children. This is not about you know what day or what time, what bride does not know the groom near? Which a bride will not be beforehand ready? I am the true bride heard my voice. These are those who prepare their own, they desire and seek the divine, they dislike the leaven of the Pharisee. Those in the justice of my son, anointing their house, hidden in my words, those who strive to obey those who love to serve me, me on the love first, those who know the treasures of the earth can not be bring them home. In this world, they know that thieves broke into the door, moth and rust will encroach upon their treasures of the earth, you leave this earth, you can not be taken away! Beware of my children, be careful would be injected into your veins the poison. Beware of my children, take care of your breathing air, beware of my children, be careful of the water you drink. Yes, if it is not because my kindness, life as early as on Earth is wiped out! Beware of my children, take care to be injected into your body something. To remember your confidence and you believe, stand for the right thing! Now stand for your freedom! Pastor, stop taking bribes, because you silent long enough! I will because you did not warn my sheep so that you pay on the responsibility of If you are not like that slave woman made, published, then it would be like sheep being led to the massacre! First, the young will fall, followed by old age, then middle-aged. But not my children who cry YAHUSHUA (Jesus) the holy name “, if they are willing to listen to my voice and obey the, then, I believe I will protect them, because I am holy they also have to live the sacred words, or even to flee each kind of evil (1 Thessalonians before 5:22 ). I will protect them, I will give them wisdom, I will hide them, my angels will camp around them, to fight against them! Because you redeemed your sin atonement has been completed. This is why you have celebrated the Day of Atonement, YAHUSHUA (Jesus) is His name! ‘ll Never be ashamed to say that the King will come! But once again I repeat, a new mother from him not disobedient , he is not from the children of disobedience. Therefore, my children, before is too late to repent. Because the big evil near! This is a huge wave, the wave of evil! But proudly, my children and to resist it, because I will be the rise of the benchmark, if you simply believe! If you are single believe that my son’s love, forgiveness and mercy, and truth. Repent! This is the you cry, for all because Wang YAHUSHUA (Jesus) to come! YAHUSHUA (Jesus) on the road, the King shall come! He is the atonement of your sin, He is no shortage of lamb to be sacrificed! No spots, no defects, no sin in Him! He has to pay the price for the world, he is the world’s ransom for those who believe, to accept Calvary shed the blood of the people. He paid the ransom for your sins! He is your High Priest, to the Jews who reject Him, those who refuse His Muslim, they know that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but about YAHU SHUA (Jesus), they would not accept Him as the Messiah. So in awe of 10 days (Ten Days of Awe.), And those who YAHUSHUA (Jesus) as Lord Rejoice, for He is your Messiah, your savior, your doctor joy to joy! Because you cried to me through His holy name, bless you! I YAHUVEH (Jehovah) my son YAHUSHUA (Jesus), Holy Name be glorified, and YAHUSHUA (Jesus) His father YAHUVEH (Yahweh), holy name be glorified. I would be very pleased to protect my children, and a number of ways to confuse the enemy. I believe my son’s holy name, and call on Him, and rely on Psalm 91, I will plague your home Quchu. Like you in the true Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) glorify me, for you the best try to obey, and put me on the top of your love and life , as the rightful place of the husband to his wife , there will be guardian of covering your home, because it is in the Calvary shed the blood of my son for your coverage and protect you, those cries of my holy name, inside the sacred.

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