AMIGHTYWINDw1 06 REVIVAL, Jewish Roots Rom 11_15


Praying and prophesying live…These are from the and radio archives of 2 radio programs (4 separate shows over 4 weekends) in which Prophet Elisabeth Elijah was guest. She was joined by her husband Nikomia (also an apostle and prophet) who, for the most part, is covering her in prayer behind the scenes.nn,nn,,nn,See these 4 YT playlists for each show in order:nn,,,,,nn,The men who hosted these shows turned out to be satanists in disguise. The one Rich, became a satanist during this time period, and the one Zeph, had been one all along in disguise. They later publically branded Elisabeth Elijah as a false prophet for YAHUVEHs prophecies through her, regarding the Sabbath. However listen for yourself, both of these hosts openly confess and agree with the truth about the Sabbath has been taught by this ministry for over a decade.nn,nn,For more information about what happened with these men and the truth about how satan tried to use them to destroy the AMIGHTYWIND Ministry including their use of satanic, occult powers, click these links:nn,nn,,,nn,Praise YAHUSHUA, this Ministry belongs to HIM and is protected by HIS own hands!

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