Governmental UFO & USO Weapons will be used to stage _Rapture_ – AMIGHTYWIND COM


Originally published on Sep 26, 2012 by YAHSwatchman97., |,PROPHECY 92 – BE OF GOOD CHEER FOR I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, AM THE ONLY GOOD SHEPHERD AND I BEAT THE WOLVES AWAY! ,Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH through Apostle Elisabeth Elijah on October 27, 2007,Released on November 17, 2007,Excerpts from the Prophecy:,”Beware of Oprah Winfrey, as I prophesied through Elisabeth Elijah years ago she has sold her soul to satan for fame and fortune and now does her good works saying, ‘Good works is one of her way’s to heaven.’ She became a Judas and where once she taught the truth, she has now forsaken it and chosen a path that leads to hell. You have been warned, and I will hold MY Holy Children accountable for supporting or encouraging her in anyway. Oprah Winfrey will lead souls to the antichrist, the one I call the only begotten son of satan, who came before in the form of Judas.,There is a woman who is called Sherry Shriner, she is an author of books and claims she can decipher bible codes. She twists the bible codes to conform into the image she chooses. She says her name Sherry in numerology means YAHWEH and Shriner means Time. Well, now it is TIME for YAHUVEH to expose her in HIS Timing. Sherry Shriner mixes truth with lies. Sherry Shriner is the reptilian alien that she warns about when she wrote and now sells her book ‘Aliens on the Internet.’ She only posts a picture of herself of what she looked like in school years ago. Where is her picture for today? She fears others will see what I, YAHUVEH, am revealing now. She works for both sides of the guards one from earth and one from hell.”,”Do not be deceived there are satanic plants sent from witches and satanists covens, attending and even ministering in Churches and Messianic Temples. They are in the majority of what is called Christian chat rooms and internet Christian forums. And in them satan has his satanic plants placed as vocal speakers, and their job is to chase away anyone that is truly Holy and speaks for YAHUVEH or I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and are filled with OUR Beloved, Precious RUACH ha KODESH. Say not that you have not been warned by this prophet I speak through now. ,There are Evangelists and Pastors in what you call Mega Churches, consisting of thousands of members. You will know the Evangelists and Pastors, both men and women, who compromise MY Holy Truths and steal MY glory. You will know the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps who live in mansions and are millionaires and look down upon the poor and middle class. Yet, it is the poor and middle class that has made the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps the millionaires they are today. You can call them the EPP’s, for they will be used as your enemies to introduce and lead people to the false Christ, the only begotten son of satan.,Woe be unto those reading this that give finances to the Mega Churches. I, YAHUSHUA, will hold you accountable where you sow your seed, whether it be in fertile ground with uncompromised truth where you are nourished, or if it be in barren ground with manmade doctrines, where only the Pastors get fat off your tithes and offerings.,John Hagee, you are a Judas, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, preaching out of both sides of your mouth. You lie to the Jewish people and say, ‘YAHUSHUA did not come to earth to be Israel’s Messiah.’ You tell them ‘YAHUSHUA understands why you do not receive HIM as Messiah.’ You set them up to receive the antichrist as Messiah, and have sold them out for silver and gold. For the sake of feeding your greed for fame and fortune, you feed the Sheep and Lambs some truth mixed in with abominational LIES!”,”Shelby Corbitt though your intentions were originally good, you were deceived by others, and a lying deceiving spirit you received from Kenneth Copeland and Choo Thomas and among others you listened too. I have warned through Elisabeth Elijah that a false rapture is being planned even now, where people will be taken away, or vaporized by governmental weapons in disguise. Satan’s elite forces will come in the form of UFO’s and USO’s (Unidentified Sea Objects) and remove people in a way you think is only science fiction. Remember, much science fiction is a warning of satan’s plans.,All of the above will come to pass and at separate time intervals in history, and all over the world, not just America. I gave this Prophet writing a warning in a dream about portals of hell opening up and a UFO invasion happening, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Only those crying out in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will be spared at that time. Seek ME while you can yet find ME!”,Salvation Prayer:

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