SuperPrayer777_ _I Testify AmightyWind Ministry is a Holy Ministry_

0 http://www.almightywind.comnn,nn,Listen to this precious young man proclaiming his love for YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) and what YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA’s AmightyWind Ministry means to him. The Holy Spirit uses this humble vessel to speak forth words of conviction, a message of repentance and holiness. This is also a warning for those that oppose GOD’s own AMIGHTYWIND Ministry, yet have never even bothered to study and show themselves approved and are quick to believe the lies that the devil’s puppets present to them. nn,nn,The time is near people, the Great Tribulation is only a breath away. Listen to courageous young men and women of YAHUSHUA like SuperPrayer777 and be blessed by their testimonies and how YAHUSHUA used AmightyWind Ministry and the Words HE speaks through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah to draw them so much closer to HIM in an obedient and loving relationship that brings the Heavenly Father much Praise, Honor and Glory.nn,nn,For YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) and the RUACH ha KODESH’s Honor and Glory.nn,nn,YAHSservant777, one of many youth ministers of AMIGHTYWIND Ministry

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