Almightywind_Amightywind Testimony


YAHUVEH GOD uses HIS AmightyWind Ministry as a separator of wheat & tares, sheep & goats and tester of metals as per Jer. 6:27 “I have made you a refiner and tester of MY people, to know and test how they behave.” Those who are sitting on the fence, undecided regarding whether to follow YAHUSHUA or not are being shoved off the fence one by one, choosing this day whom they serve as written in Joshua 24:15.nn,nn,Through the 119 Prophecies given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah for these end times YAHUVEH GOD teaches a return to Holiness, obedience and repentance just as in the Bible “Be Ye Holy as I am Holy”, 1 Pet. 1:16. nn,nn,HE teaches us to Honor and obey the 4th Commandment regarding the true Sabbath of Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. nn,nn,You will never see the enemies of YAH’S AmightyWind Ministry preaching Holiness, obedience and repentance of sins but rather it’s more important what HE did for you, not what you do for HIM. This contradicts the Bible. nn,nn,The enemies of YAH’S AmightyWind ministry pose as Christians but do not lead souls to Heaven but rather hell. They will come to your channel and say “Jesus bless you” and the Jesus they are referring to is the dark Jesus who will counterfeit the Greek name many have known the MESSIAH as and the anti-christ will be using this name, Jesus, in the soon coming Great Tribulation. Learn the true Hebrew Name of the MESSIAH, YAHUSHUA so if you are here in the Great Tribulation YAHUVEH GOD will be able to answer your prayers. This is not a joke folks! It is real! The time is so short before YAHUSHUA’S return for HIS Bride. Will you be ready? nn,nn,Beware of false Christians on youtube:nn,nn,(false)pastorgeorgecnn,crosswayokcnn,thekathleenbean (formerly wisdomhunter93)nn,mlove4christnn,donny71954nn,rahabthejerichonitenn,childofyhvh nn,nn,write to us if you have questions about who is posting on your channel – YAHUSHUA says we are to keep our bits of cyberspace, our channels, clean and are not to allow posts which defile them, posts which have curses and demons of lying, twisting spirits and spirits of doubt and deception attached to them.nn,nn,We love all YAHUSHUA’S Children here on youtube! May YAH bless and protect you all!

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