Elisabeth Elijah True Prophet, Miracles, I met her in person


Originally uploaded by VictoryInYAHUSHUA777 on Jan 29, 2012 nn,(thanks son)nn,nn,Elisabeth Elijah is a true prophet. This video will prove it. I have many stories to share why Amightywind is a true ministry from GOD.nn,nn,See the miracle pictures at the end.nn,nn,JESUS YAHUSHUA appeared to me. I have seen HIS face and hands in the clouds. HE led me to Amightywind Ministry. HE confirmed to me in so many ways that Amightywind was brought forth through the works of HIS Hands.nn,nn,As people are accepting the truths that are being spoken forth by Elisabeth Elijah in the Amightywind prophecies, greater anointings are coming upon them, like never seen before. Secrets are revealed from Heaven and YAHUVEH GOD is also dividing HIS True Sheeps and Lambs from the goats. We are so close now. Gabriel has blown his horn. The 4th Seal from the book of Revelation is about to be broken. Read the Amightywind prophecies. Watch the videos. There are so many warnings. Prophecies are coming to pass so quickly. We start to understand what GOD were prophesying years ago.nn,nn,This ministry was the first in the world to ever warn that Great Sinkholes will appear under every abortion clinic around this world, because this sin is an ultimate abomination to YAHUVEH. And these sinkholes did start to appear, only a few of them as a warning.. Watch the news. See the Proof of the prophecies webpage: http://www.amightywind.com/prophecyp/proofbhprophecies.html

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