The Holocaust Explained


During the duration of this video I mention that there are more links you can view to find out more information about the topics discussed in this video. You can find those links at the bottom of this description under the “=========”.,As a Messianic Jew the Holocaust is an event that I would really like to forget ever happened. However recently YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST has really placed it on my heart to study the events of the Holocaust as YAHUSHUA told me there are secrets locked away in it that pertain to the iniquity of this modern world. ,As I was studying the holocaust I began to see the horrific reality of what YAHUSHUA meant. The same sin that Hitler and the Nazi party had that drove them to carry out World War 2 and the holocaust is very present in this world. And if history is bound to repeat itself by individuals who do not learn from the past…. Well I don’t need to say much more.,However YAHUSHUA also showed me that there is hope for HIS true children. YAHUSHUA has always been faithful in the past to deliver those who love and trust in HIM. Just a few examples are when YAHUVEH divided the red sea for the children of Israel, when YAHUVEH raptured Elijah up to Heaven alive by horses of fire. And without a doubt the greatest act of deliverance YAHUVEH has ever done for HIS children is when HE gave HIS son YAHUSHUA to die, so we could be set free from hell. ,And so in conclusion I make this video to warn of the reality of a new holocaust coming forth. One even greater then in the times of Hitler. However I also make this video to tell YAH’s true children not to fear, because our Daddy YAHUVEH is always with us, and HE will faithfully protect those who are HIS.,=================================,The link below explains the footage I show in this video of pastorgeorgec pulling a gun in a public chat room. If you want to skip directly to the audio/video footage of pastorgeorgec threating a woman in a public chat room please skip ahead to 7 min and 10 sec.,,This link shows pastorgeorgec’s public statement stating that he desires Amightywind Ministries to be “stoned to death”. If you want to skip directly to the part where he says this please view the below video at 4 min 57 sec.,,,

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