Battle for the Truth Amightywind com Exposes End Time Deception


The end time spiritual battle is for the truth as satan’s servants lie and pretend to follow YAHUSHUA/JESUS when in reality Jesus is just another one of the “ascended masters” to them. Do not fall for the evil one’s lies. Study and show thyself approved!nn,nn,For almost two years Amightywind Ministry has been attacked with lies and slander from satanists posing as Christians here on youtube. This is a small list of the worst of these enemies. Do not go to their channels. Do not watch their videos. There are demons and curses attached to them. nn,nn,List of the worst enemies attacking Amightywind: nn,nn,pastorgeorgecnn,thekathleenbeannn,crosswayokcnn,donny71954nn,mlove4christnn,nephtali1981nn,ministerofYHWHnn,electroreptiliannn,savedbyjesusbloodnn,gruurk2nn,sanderclarijs777nn,childofyahvhnn,KECOGnn,frencho7nn,foundthepearlnn,nn,Do visit these channels for more videos exposing these enemies’ lies:nn,yahsservant777nn,ablewaterwalkernn,katpiering123nn,yahssheep777nn,yahushuasfirenn,nn,and please visit yahsladynred Prophet Elisabeth Elijah’s channel for latest Words from Heaven re this youtube war. nn,nn,YAH bless and watch over all HIS Little Ones whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life.

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