DEMONIACAL Redsmoky (2of3) (RedSmoky aka OrgoneMad)


RevDrRussell: nn,nn,”Please state in the description DARA Ministries and AMW are seperate ministries with different purposes and callings. We do not necessarily agree nor disagree with the doctrine of AMW nor does AMW Ministries with DARA Ministries. Threats and intimidation tactics will not force us to debate this matter on anyone’s behalf. nn,Please note, DARA Ministries is not an “unlicensed rehab center” as George claims. He has lied. nn,Ordained Ministers do not receive state licenses in this state. It is seperation of church and state. No state agency can dictate how an ordained minister can counsel on God’s word or preach. To say anything to the contrary is an attempt of George to present more lies as being truth. nn,As a self professed ordained pastor George should have known this which leads me to question if he is actually ordained by any authority other than the organizations he and Patrick McDonald have created themselves. nn,We do not sell any items, receive pay, take donations, for or from, DARA Ministries and therefore do not need a business license or pay taxes. We are not 501C3 tax exempt. We pay regular taxes from pay received from outside employment. We have been licensed and chartered since 2005 by a covering ministry/authority legally qualified to do so. nn,We do not divulge ANY information regarding this ministry online. I will be posting an additional email from a pedophile reporting agency advising we are NOT to divulge personal information or any information concerning those who receive our help. To do otherwise would put many people at risk. George’s demand for this information is nothing less than an extortion attempt and harrassment/stalking.” nn,nn,* * * * * * * nn,nn,YAHSservant777: nn,nn,”For the sake of souls AMW and DARA Ministries expose and battle the same enemies as we serve the same Commander in Chief YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ.” This does not mean AMW and DARA are affiliated in any kind of way, shape or form. The most important thing we have in common is that we serve the same GOD, are filled with the Holy Spirit and are here to reprove the evil works of such ones as Redsmoky aka ControlCults covered up as “christians” to lead souls astray. Doctrinal issues and differences that DO NOT concern salvation have been put aside for the sake of reaching souls and warning the people for satanic networks operating under the name “Christian” to lead souls to Hell.

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