What’s a Wacko Jacko_ It’s RahabtheJerichonite!


In this video I discuss RahabtheJerichonite’s utter hypocrisy. This kind of hypocrisy is worse than Michael Jackson’s and I have had enough of it. After RahabtheJerichonite and the pack of hyena’s, pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc’s Nehemiah Center have been gathering together lies, slander, false accusations to defame my mom Elisabeth Elijah’s character for fun(!) without any kind of witnesses or proof to back it up, now RahabtheJerichonite is demanding more witnesses and proof from me as I made a video against her exposing her rotten fruit? What a joke! Since when did they care about witnesses? They sure didn’t talk about witnesses when they were lying through their teeth!

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