Rapture Date Setters Exposed – 5 Doves Website and others!


http://www.amightywind.com http://www.almightywind.com,Do not listen to False Rapture Date setters like fivedoves.com and John Tng, or the multitudes on YouTube who’ve joined the bandwagon of false watchmen! They are deceiving people into believing that being a watchman means to speculate and predict the date of the rapture. This is a LIE. Nowhere does it say in the Bible to predict dates! The job of a watchman on the wall is to warn the people of the Judgment to come and to repent of their sins, leading them to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH / Jesus Christ. The rapture date setters have A LOT of blood on their hands as they create false conversions based on a lie, crushing the faith of many as they build people up for a rapture date that doesn’t come to pass. How many said a Salvation Prayer simply because they wanted to be part of a rapture that didn’t come? They didn’t say that Salvation prayer because they truly love YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and are repenting/turning away from their sins. Their conversion was based on a lie and as they do not believe in anything anymore and fall back into a lifestyle of sin they are 7 times worse off as the Scriptures say! Fivedoves.com & John Tng are responsible for this and show NO repentance of their false predictions and prophecies but are proud of what they are doing and continue to do this. They are encouraging others to do the same thing and post the letters of all kinds of people predicting rapture dates. On fivedoves.com false rapture dates are being predicted for almost every major holiday and when it doesn’t come to pass they just keep changing the date. Their latest prediction is this Christmas December 25th 2012! Woe unto these deceivers. They represent the birds in the parable of the sower that YAHUSHUA gave us in Matthew 13: the birds that snatch the good seed (the Word) that was sown in people’s hearts away from them. This video is a call for repentance for all those who in one way or the other have partaken in this and a rebuke to the deceivers. The people who have watched this stuff going on and have done nothing to rebuke these false prophets or at least warn the people of what they are doing have blood on their hands. We at AmightyWind urge all of you that are watching and have done nothing to protect YAHUSHUA’s Sheep and Lambs, to HELP this Ministry do something to warn the people so the blood is not on your hands. Please share this video with your contacts to help us get these Truths out for the sake of many of YAHUSHUA’s Sheep and Lambs who are being set up to have their faith destroyed by the false rapture date setters.

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