New Age Infiltration EXPOSED Pt1 – YouTube christian community became NWO church

0,Have you ever considered how much time the devil has had to infiltrate Christianity, in order to develope a “christianity” that comes so close to the truth that his ministers actually talk about “Jesus Christ” and quote from the Holy Scriptures, yet lead souls to the devil by doing so? Sounds strange doesn’t it? It sounds pretty unbelievable and that is why it’s such an awesome deception from an enemy’s standpoint. This very same deception is taking place right here right now on the number 1 media on the internet YouTube, in the midst of what is known as the “Christian” community. This community was infiltrated long ago by infiltrators masquerading as Christian ministers, and together they have programmed and continue to program minds of lukewarm Christians who are not grounded in the Holy Scriptures and/or do not care enough about absolute truth: what is right what is wrong? What is absolute truth?,Many new converts and ignorant Christians rolled into this “Christian” community, and many of them never even realized that within a short time there was not much left of their moral Christian values they formerly so dearly held on to and believed in. They were programmed here on YouTube and became a sacrifice of infiltrators who shaped true Christianity into New Age religion. These infiltrators have taken the Word of GOD and the Gospel of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ) and they took out all that is Holy; TRUE BIBLICAL REPENTANCE and OBEDIENCE to GOD’s 10 Commandments. So they preach a wimpy “Jesus” who let’s himself be trampled underfoot and will never get angry, will never talk of judgment, but will forgive and love everybody. This false unbiblical “Jesus” who does not require obedience or repentance of sin, and only talks about “love, peace and unity…acceptance of all things” is NOT the Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible. This is not YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Hebrew Name of Jesus). In fact, this so-called “jesus” represented by people who will make you feel comfortable in your sins and will bless you no matter what sins you partake in or what lifestyles you love, is that lawless one; the antichrist; the NEW AGE False jesus.,Therefore, people heavily involved with this so-called “Christian” community, and find themselves right in the middle of it fellowshipping with the people mainly representing this community, are being set up and led to the antichrist…all in the name of “jesus christ”., ,The ignorant and the lukewarm roll into this community, and see sin running rampant; soap opera behaviour, back biting, lying, gossiping, cheating, stealing, occult practices, fornication, adultery, uncleanness, betrayal, slandering, blaspheming, bizarre behaviour and “Christians” fellowshipping with GOD-mockers and GOD-haters. The community is set up for them to forsake their moral values, as they witness all this behaviour that is a stench in GOD’s nostrils from people who are no Christians at all, yet they see the community bless and praise and promote the very worst of the ones partaking in the activities I mentioned. So they learn to become conditioned to SIN, to become tolerant of SIN and keep their mouths shut.,Yet while the abominable workers of iniquity are being praised, loved and promoted by the “Christian” community, the main players in the community decide which Ministry ought to be bashed and which Minister ought to be hurt and chased off. The lukewarm that were programmed therefore follow the leader, and bash whatever Ministry the community is bashing, and hate whatever person/minister the community tells them to hate. They actually think they are doing GOD a favour by doing so, for hey after all, all the community does it.,This is a revealing video, exposing New Age infiltration within the Christian community, teaching you how to discern whether you are dealing with an infiltrator or not, or whether you have been deceived or not. You are in the middle of a New World Order church, with NEW AGE Religion perpetrated on your mind wherever you go. Do you also worship this false New Age Jesus? We’ll find out if you watch this video.,Certain key figures we expose in this video are: TheKathleenBean aka wisdomhunter93, crosswayokc, pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc, Nephtali1981, RedSmoky aka Jehad4Jesus, donny71954, rahabthejerichonite, savedbyjesusblood, missbonzaibonnie, LiftAloft, Gruurk2, FreddyMack1000, sanderclarijs777, violetkitty411, MLove4Christ and others.,Key Words:,new age infiltration fallen angels demons new world order alien churches christian cover up conspiracy mind control programming youtube occult secrets darkness exposed unity gathering reptilian lies deception illusion antichrist TRUTH GOD YAHUVEH YAHWEH YAHUSHUA Christ Messiah Holy Spirit Lord Bible Prophecy Prophetic events AmightyWind Ministry Prophet Elisabeth Elijah yahsladynred

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