Demonic Possession of Clare du Bois (Still Small Voice)


REQUEST TO ALL: PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO VIEW THIS VIDEO. WARN OTHERS, BUT DON’T WATCH CLARE DU BOIS’ VIDEOS AS THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND OCCULT. SHE ADMITS BEING A TRANCE MEDIUM. HER VOICE PUTS PEOPLE IN A TRANCE WITHOUT PEOPLE KNOWING IT – THEY JUST HEAR A WHISPERER, A MONOTONE VOICE. ONLY STRONG SPIRITUAL WARRIORS FOR YAHUSHUA SHOULD WATCH HER VIDEOS FOR ONE PURPOSE: TO EXPOSE HER IN A VIDEO YOU MAKE. PLEASE THUMBS UP, LEAVE ENCOURAGING COMMENTS, AND IF NOT SUBSCRIBED PLEASE DO.,** Want to know what demonic possession and channeling really is? Look no further than Clare du Bois who blasphemously dares to call herself ‘Still Small Voice’. Clare du Bois preaches a false gospel and attributes her anti-christ doctrines & false prophecies to “Jesus Christ” and the “Holy Spirit”. This video reveals how Clare du Bois is a full blown occultist. She is practicing the occult in your face and puts people in a trance, in order to spoon feed them her New Age/NWO doctrines. The very spirit of anti-christ is speaking through the mouth of Clare du Bois aka Still Small Voice. Don’t let this woman deceive you! If you receive the truth in this video, please do not stand by and do nothing but help us by sharing, rating and favoriting this video – please help get the truth out to all those that need these warnings because Clare du Bois is leading many people straight into the arms of the anti-christ, a false Jesus, and straight to the pit of hell.,John 8:32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free., &

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