HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ablewaterwalker !!!


From YAHsladynred:nn,nn,Happy Birthday Beloved Brother Ablewaterwalker!!nn,We love you! All of us at AmightyWind Ministries appreciate your hard work for YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST. Thank you for your work with Poland branch of AmightyWind.com. This International Messianic Jewish Ministry leadership is blessed and honored to send our love to a man that stands by my husband and my side as he helps us Minister to the people. Ablewaterwalker is AmightyWind Ministries ASSOCIATE MINISTER so is YahsLittleOne. AmightyWind Ministries is 25 yrs old and 17 yrs on the Internet, and you have been with us 6 years nearly 7 years working faithfully, humbly, by our side reaching souls for YAHUSHUA. You translate the Prophecies into the Polish language, Thank You!

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