Nuclear Attack! _ Who will push that red button first_


Originally Published on Dec 10, 2016 by yahsladynred,,Please help me sound the shofar horn of warning! If your pastors won’t listen, then you are held accountable to speak out anyway! I have such a urgency in my spirit!,I had a vivid dream and the only reason I share it with you is not to cause fear, but rather to ask your prayers that this dream will NOT come to pass! GOD YAHUVEH speaks to us in visions dreams and revelations as well as prophetically. Only the fervent prayers of the righteous will stop this dream from becoming a nightmare.,Please share with others, and ask your church to get on their faces and repent and ask for mercy on America once again! If the churches or pastors refuse, then YOU start prayer groups and intercede.,This is URGENT! How can I not care? Is this America I am seeing? The country will be hit twice when least expected. We have powerful military protection but only GOD YAHUVEH will be able to stop or hinder what the devil wants to do and only the fervent prayers of the righteous ones will hinder or stop this! We must care. How many unsaved do you know?

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