CROSSWAYOKC-voodoo pastor man


Crosswayokc refers to himself as “satansladyndrag” — maybe he likes dressing up as a woman — maybe he likes saying he belongs to satan, why? What true Christian would ever do this? Even as a joke. Crossroads is a central image in voodoo, a place where the two worlds, earth and spirit, meet. All voodoo acts begin with the acknowledgement of the crossroads. When asked if he was doing voodoo crosswayokc never denied it but joked and said he was “doing it right now”. Christian? Or voodoo priest? Crosswayokc’s green gorgile image depicts himself as the guardian of the crossways. Nothing a satanist does is accidental. They give us clues who they really serve in what they say and what they show on their channels and in their videos. Pay attention to details. Pay attention to their names. They are not coincidences. Is crosswayokc giving homage to Papa Legba, the guardian between the voodoo loa and humanity, in his videos and by his very name, crosswayokc, on youtube? You decide. Look at the evidence and ask yourself how do these things bring glory to YAHUSHUA/JESUS? How do these things leads souls to CHRIST? They don’t. They simply reveal what’s hidden beneath the surface of this so called Christian who appears to be no Christian at all but someone who practices voodoo, a satanic ritual and form of witchcraft. Believers do not be deceived by these evil ones here on youtube pretending to be Christians but leading souls to the very devil himself. May YAHUVEH GOD protect all the true Lambs and Sheep of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST I pray in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

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