AmightyWind com 3D Virtual Mansion Upgraded Invitational Tour


Very special thanks to beloved son, VictoryInYAHUSHUA777, for his hard work in making this blessed website and video for YAHUSHUAS GLORY! nn,nn,Watch in the Large View! Awesome Graphics!!nn,nn,This is an open house of AmightyWind Cyber 3D Mansion. I invite you to take a short tour of a few levels more floors are being added. This is a work in progress. Elisabeth Elijah was given the vision by YAH 17 years ago, but technology on the Internet was new at that time so she waited until YAH provided for this to become a reality. When YAHUSHUA led me to her and I became her Web Manager she shared the vision with me. I did not know how to do this until it was revealed to me in Prayer. nn,nn,Just like the Library idea again making it fun to choose the Book was given to my Pastor in a vision and she shared it with me and again the HOLY SPIRIT showed me how to do this. Recently Elisabeth saw a vision of a remote control where people could have interactive control and push buttons to control which video is selected. Elisabeth shared the vision with me and again I was shown how to do this. This Ministry is a work of YAH’S hands even the visions given to her, and showing me how to do something I had no idea how to design it until I prayed and asked to be shown. AmightyWind Ministry on April 4th 2012 will be 17 years on the Internet. My Pastor was given instructions at that time by YAHUSHUA ” AmightyWind Ministry must entertain as well as inform this hardened end time generation. ” This Ministry now has a large staff of Ministers, Evangelists, with anointed translators taking the Prophecies to their nations, in 25 languages preaching the gospel of Salvation, as well as mandate to live Holy for YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST to be glorified.nn,nn,Please visit the website to see the 3D Mansion, with a blueprint of all the Rooms that are available in the Mansion of JESUS’s YAHUSHUA’s Bride.nn,nn,Visit all the Rooms and see what AmightyWind has to offer for you.nn,nn,There are 3 Floors with Rooms. The Rooms include the,nn,nn,Sitting Room with the Site Index.nn,Study with the Prophecies, Proof Behind the Prophecies, Foreign Languages.nn,Library with the King James Bible Version, Lost Books of the Bible. See the anointed Book of Wisdom.nn,Bedroom with Dreams & Visionsnn,Great Hall of Faith with Anointed Paintingsnn,Foyer, which is the entrance to the Mansion & Guestbooknn,Dining Room with Audible Words from YAHUVEH GOD and webpages about the Hebrew Holy Feast Daysnn,Kitchen with Jewish Recipesnn,nn,Our main website is http://www.amightywind.comnn,The blueprint page:,nn,Our Sister website which is less graphic intensive, is http://Almightywind.comnn,amightywind almightywind elisabeth elijah true prophet yahsladynred yahushua jesus christ bride mansion salvation virtual tour invitation 3D virtual mansion tour heaven hell great tribulation two witnesses prophecy end time prophecies sinkholes judgement holy weddings rapture blue beam rapture zombies aliens

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