I, YAHUVEH, Say, _CLEAN YOUR HOUSE_!!! Holy Prophecy given to yahsladynred Elisabeth Elijah


Originally uploaded by WeepingLambOfYah on Apr 23, 2010 (thanks beloved daughter),http://amightywind.com,http://almightywind.com,Sorry the video is a little fast, please press pause if you need from time to time. ,Prophecy 106,I, YAHUVEH, Say, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!!!,Prophecy link: http://amightywind.com/prophecy/proph106.html audio links here too 😀 ,Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH,through Apostle Elisabeth Elijah,ALPHA & OMEGA HOLY GHOST WILD FIRE LAST CHANCE MINISTRY.,Trinity’s SACRED HEBREW NAME,YAHUVEH = GOD/LORD’s NAME.,YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH = Jesus Christ in Hebrew,RUACH ha KODESH = Holy Spirit,GOD SAYS (this is just small fragment of the Prophecy 106, link above):,I’m shaking this entire world. Judgment starts at MY house. (I Peter 4:17) Holiness will only desire Holiness. Sin must be kicked out. A repentant spirit is not someone who only repents with their mouth, it is someone that repents with their head and their heart and determined not to displease ME. I told you, (this world) you are on the verge of a holocaust. Do you want ME to hide you? Do you want ME to protect you? Do you want ME to bless you? For no enemy can pluck you out of YAHUVEH’s hand, or do you want ME to SMASH YOU? Do you want ME to CRUSH YOU? Do you want ME to BREAK YOU? Do you want ME by MY own hand to cast you into the flames of hell? ,Do you want ME to love you? Do you want ME to comfort you? Do you want ME to mentor you? What do you really want? Do you want to be like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego as they walked and were tossed in the fiery furnace? (Daniel 3) Yet, I did not even allow that which bound them to be burned. I did not allow their clothes to be singed, their own clothes that bound them for you see it was the enemies that got burned up. It was only that which tied and bound their hands that was burned up. Do you want to be like a Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego? That walked in the fiery furnace but the 4th man was there and that 4th man is YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH.,Amightywind.com Messianic Jewish Ministry,Salvation prayer: “Come to YAHUSHUA Today”,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83i1SKNM18,Holy Prophecies from GOD given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (YAHSLADYNRED): ,http://www.Almightywind.com,Proof behind the prophecies:,http://www.amightywind.com/prophecyp/proofbhprophecies.html,Elisabeth Elijahs testimony http://www.amightywind.com/elisabeth/whoisese.htm,FREE DOWNLOAD STUDY GUIDE COMPARING KJV OT WITH HEBREW WORDS http://www.SCRIPTURE4ALL.ORG ,Judges 3:10 compare and see for yourself how KJV changed the Hebrew word to Greek.

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