The rapture Jesus YAHUSHUA Renee Moses


Click here to see the emails that Renee Moses sent to Amightywind ministry. ,,Visit our website at,WARNING: THE RAPTURE WILL NOT HAPPEN,JANUARY 21-24, 2014.,Renee Moses is at it again.,She is once again setting another rapture date and she will be wrong again.,Our Lord, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, says Renee Moses is WRONG. Renee Moses says her lord has given her the pieces to a puzzle that says the rapture will happen between January 21-24, 2014. Let’s see who’s Lord and Saviour is right. Isn’t this how we test the Spirit that speaks.,She has already said the rapture was going to happen between Jan. 4-7, 2014 and obviously was wrong. So she now says that her lord is giving us a 21 day delay for the rapture, which is Jan. 21-24, 2014. This sounds like some other guy we know, I mean knew, his name WAS Harold Camping.

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