AMIGHTYWIND Prophecy 90 part 2 _What Is The Name Of The RUACH ha KODESH_


Mirrored video originally uploaded by DaughterOfYAH27 on Aug 27, 2010 (thanks daughter),You have permission to use this video unless your purpose is to mock/slander ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, RUACH HA KODESH, the Amightywind Ministry, Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) etc. If you decide to use (download/upload) this video, you must link to and,Remember Elisabeth, how in the Banquet Table dream, it felt like reality? It is because I am the one that took you to Heaven giving you a reminder of what it feels like as you lovingly laid your head on MY shoulder, in what you now refer to as ‘The Banquet Table Dream.’ MY Name is MOMMA SHKHINAH; I am the Heavenly Mother’s love you have always longed for. I did this to show you that you are not a motherless child just as you are not a fatherless child. YAHUVEH and I are your Heavenly Parents just as we are the Parents to all whose names are found in the Lambs Book of Life. ,I tell you this because for a lifetime you have grieved and felt an empty void, as do others, always searching for an earthly mother and fathers love and yet you have been given Heavenly Parents, that will never leave nor forsake you, nor hurt you in any way. I tell you this so others who feel that they have the same void, with unsaved parents who refuse to accept YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH the only MESSIAH will realize they lack nothing in YAHUSHUA. They have both a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother and we are Spirit as were all humans before they were born on earth. As it is written remember, ‘Flesh and blood cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven’.,I share this secret from Heaven so that those who love MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA and accept him as MESSIAH will not fall for the lies of the manmade religions and call on YAHUSHUA’s earthly mother Mary at the hour of their death. Instead call on YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s Name and repent and ask for mercy. Remind them of the Holy Scripture with YAHUSHUA’s own words spoken in John 10: 1-30 (Yohanan 10: 1-30) ,No Earthly parent’s love can compare with our Heavenly love. I tell you this to share with all OUR children especially those who have a void in their lives never knowing the love of an earthly mother or father. I speak to all those who have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually and have longed for the love of a Holy Father and a Mother. Accept YAHUSHUA as your MASHIACH (Messiah) and allow ME to fill you up with MY Holy love, presence and anointed Power. Allow ME to be your MOMMA SHKHINAH, I am the same one you call HOLY SPIRIT. I am the one that teaches you right from wrong, just as a Holy earthly mother’s job is to mentor you in the same way. ,MY beloved Daughter Elisabeth, tell them for ME, if they will but receive this revelation, they will never feel that void inside of them again. In the Manuscripts of Old, read and see ‘WISDOM’ is referred to as ‘She’ and in the Scriptures of Old I am referred to as ‘SHE’. Study and show thyself approved. All those that doubt this word and attack you for speaking forth this secret, are either not of MY HOLY SPIRIT and their name is not found in the Lambs Book of Life, for YAHUSHUA’s Sheep do hear HIS voice or they have a measure of faith, yet prefer not to be controversial and continue to follow the mistranslations of the New Testament when the word ‘He’ is used instead of ‘SHE’. ,They prefer to follow the teachings of man instead of MY SPIRIT and TRUTH that I have reserved for this end time. All who read this, it is your choice whether you want to walk in a deeper intimacy with the one you call the HOLY SPIRIT or not, I do not force anyone to do this. The Bride of YAHUSHUA will rejoice at this new revelation because they are always seeking to know the secrets of Heaven. ,There are 3 Ruling Thrones; YAHUVEH sits in the middle, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH sits on the right side of YAHUVEH and I your MOMMA SHKHINAH sit on the left side. All 3 of us rule in Heaven equally and are CO-CREATORS. Yet there is only one MASHIACH named YAHUSHUA. Only through YAHUSHUA’s Name and Blood is there Salvation for the people on earth. YAHUSHUA is the only door of Salvation that leads to Heaven. Anyone that tries to enter in through another name or way will only find the door to hell. Do not be deceived, there are many religions but only one door to Heaven through the Name and Holy Sinless Blood that was sacrificed by YAHUSHUA.,amightywind almightywind yahushua ha mashiach yashua yeshua jesus yahuveh yahweh immayah ruach kodesh holy spirit warrior joel shofar deborah daughtersofdestiny prophet prophecy endtimes signs elisabeth sherrie elijah demon stompers yds deliverance hell heaven ephesians armor saints ufo aliens israel hebrew messianic jew jewish yahsladynred

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