1of2 Pastorgeorgecc & Nephtali1981 unite at Halloween_ – BE WARNED!!!


IMPORTANT: This is my video, and these are my words that I feel led to speak under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Therefore I would like to stress that these are NOT Rev. Elisabeth Elijah’s words, neither is this her video.,* * * * * * *,So Pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc’s Nehemiah Center unite with Tali4God at Halloween? Hmm, how could this be that these two occultists with their “ministries” think to punch the devil in the nose since they are agents of satan themselves? Christian community don’t be deceived, don’t be fooled for satan sends his henchmen that transform themselves into ministers of Righteousness as the Bible predicted. This video is about your soul. This video is about the motives to unite on Halloween of not only these two men, but all those that are associated with them on the internet. I plead with you to not walk into that den of wolves, into that den of demons as they invite you to come to their chatroom on Halloween. As they unite, there will be occultists, shamans, witches, voodoo priests, New Agers and hardcore satanists present that will cast their curses, hexes, spells, incantations, chants and enchantments at the people present without them knowing it. Let it NOT be you! You cannot partake of the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. What better way for satan to deceive you than to convince you that Jesus has send these people your way. These are the last days, satan’s servants are running rampant covering themselves up as ministers of righteousness while quoting Bible Scriptures to confuse you. Don’t go, don’t be deceived. As I said this is about your soul. You cannot say you haven’t been warned. ,In YAHUSHUA’s Name,,~YAHSservant777

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