Dangers of Halloween AKA helloween


Originally published by SeekYahushua,http://amightywind.com/ — http://almightywind.com/,This is for the Praise, Honor and Glory of YAH.Praise YAH for NO weapon formed against us shall prosper!, bare with my camera as it lags and starts acting up every now and than. This too my a while to even get this posted but Praise YAH it is up ~~,I pray you will study for yourselves, if you claim to be a Christian and Follow of YAH, and yet you partake in this wicked unholy day, you need to Repent, for there is nothing Holy about this day.,Please watch the other videos exposing this wicked day, by:,YahsHolyMinistry007, & YahsSheep777 Also JarOfClay9,Also here is a page where you can read about the origins of halloween :,http://www.amightywind.com/events/halloween.htm

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