Shabbat Sermon Prophecy 89 Amightywind Ministry


Originally Published on Oct 22, 2013 by StandupforYAH03 (thanks beloveds),,,This is a Shabbat sermon related to Prophecy 89 and the Sweet RUACH ha KODESH HOLY SPIRIT. May YAH bless you with this sermon. YAH Bless all HIS truth seekers Amen!,See or read whole prophecy 89 here:,also blessed Prophecy 90 explaining more of the Precious HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH ha KODESH: ,,If you wish to receive YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH into your heart please click below for the salvation prayer: ,,YAHUVEH = GOD/LORD’s NAME.,YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH = Jesus Christ in Hebrew,RUACH ha KODESH = Holy Spirit, Messianic Jewish Ministry,YAHUSHUA (יהושוע) a Hebrew Name, is the original Name of Jesus. We are still saved in the Name Jesus but the antichrist will use the name Jesus Christ for himself in the Tribulation, so learn YAHUSHUA’S True name for then.

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