Tabernacles JESUS’ birth at Sukkot, Christmas or Hanukkah_


Sing “Christmas Carols” on Sukkot, that is the true time of JESUS’s Birth. He was conceived at Chanukah. (December 25th is actually the birthday of pagan king Nimrod).nn,how to celebrate Sukkot – what is Sukkot? What is Hanukkah – evidence Sukkot is birth of YAHUSHUA. nn,nn,Anointed Sukkot Prayer:nn,,nn,Sukkot is a Jewish Holiday that lasts for 7 days. It is also the time many Messianic Jews believe YAHUSHUA was born so we say in reverence and joy HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH! WE WORSHIP, LOVE, ADORE YOU AND WILL SERVE YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY!nn,nn,Read why YAHUSHUA was not born on Christmas and why most biblical scholars agree that YAHUSHUA’s birth, in fact, did not take place in December at all. […]nn,nn,When YAHUSHUA was born the shepherds were at watch in their fields (Lk. 2:8) which could not have been in the Winter. In fact it can be shown that YAHUSHUA was born at Sukkot (Boothes/Tabernacles) in 4 B.C.E..nn,nn,The key to calculating the date of the birth of YAHUSHUA is Luke 1:5 where we learn that Zechariah the father of Yochanan was a priest of the course of Abijah.[…]nn,nn,YAHUSHUA was conceived 6 months (about 25 weeks) after Yochanon’s conception. This means YAHUSHUA was conceived around the 37th week around Chanukah. This would mean the light of the world was conceived during the festival of lights.nn,nn,YAHUSHUA was born 40 weeks later (around week 77 that is week 25 of the following year) this brings us to the time of the fall feasts.nn,nn,There are several clues that YAHUSHUA was born at Sukkot:nn,nn,1. Bethleham was “booked solid.” This would not have been due census which would have taken place over the period of a year. Every Jew was required to come to Jerusalem for Sukkot (Dt. 16:16) this would have over run Jerusalem as well as Bethleham just five miles away.nn,nn,2. YAHUSHUA was born in a stable. The Hebrew word for “stable” is “sukkah” (as in Gen. 33:17) so it is likely that YAHUSHUA was born in a Sukkah/booth.nn,nn,3. If YAHUSHUA was born on the first day of Sukkot then he would have been circumcised on the “eighth great day” a festival following Sukkot. This day was the original “Simchat Torah” (Rejoicing in the Torah) which is now held the following day in Rabbinic Judaism. So YAHUSHUA would have entered the covenant on the day of “rejoicing in the Torah.”nn,nn,4. When the angels appeared to the shepherds they made a statement which closely echos the ancient Sukkot liturgy “…behold, we have come to declare to you glad tidings of great joy.” (Lk. 2:10-11)nn,nn,5. Sukkot is symbolic of God dwelling in a “tabernacle” (body?) with us. […]nn,,nn,,nn,Is it really too hard for you to learn of the Hebrew Holy Days?nn,nn,I could have chosen for YAHUSHUA to be born from any nationality but I, YAHUVEH, honored the Hebrew People by honoring their bloodline. You who accept YAHUSHUA’s Blood transfusion now are no longer gentile and you should not follow the gentile pagan ways or their holidays. Instead follow the Holy Days as I, YAHUVEH, have decreed to be a blessing unto thee. You are held accountable for what you now knownn,

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