AMIGHTYWIND & The Holy-Battle Wiccans Pastorgeorgec-RadicalRabbi-Nephtali1981-Crosswayokc–NehCent


AMIGHTYWIND&HolyOnes Battle vs.Nephtali1981/Crosswayokc/UnityGathering/Nehemiah Center/Others. nn,Crosswayokc exposes himself as a voodoo priest on his own video and is an expert at twisting THE HOLY WORD. Also Nephtali1981 is certainly involved in witchcraft. We are exposing wiccan pastorgeorgec as his altar is clearly wiccan. There is not debate the enchanting powers of the natal star, hammer of Thor, the wiccan garland, and much more.This is serious. This is a HOLY STAND against very dangerous evil forces of pastorgeorgec and raddicalrabbi of the Nehemiah Center, a wicca coven, and those who support his blatant witchcraft and wiccan altars. It is common knowledge that the higher level realms of wicca are very evil with many innocent humans being tortured during various sadistic rituals often getting the youngest victims possible. This is the same with high levels of satanism, covens of torture, voodoo, kabbalah, freemasonery, enchantment and much more. Millions of people are in secrecy doing these rituals of insanity. It is extremely disturbing because they often twist THE HOLY WORD and many use the name of Jesus. Next stop must be the Great Tribulation

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