Amightywind com A Passover testimony for YAH’S Glory alone!


mirrored testimony video originally uploaded by ABBAsbeeloved on nn,Apr 29, 2011 (thanks beloved) nn,nn,www.amightywind.comnn, nn,nn,Hi beloveds of YAHUVEH GOD ALMIGHTY, blessings in YAHUSHUA~ nn,This is some of my Passover Testimony of some of the many things ABBA YAH has showed me either in dreams or experienced in real life~ nn,YAH is soo good and has brought me through soo much for HIS praise, Honor, and glory solely~ nn,nn,Hi beloved truthseekers! Your Passover Dwells Where Your Faith Dwellsnn,nn,Given to Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijahnn,March 30, 1999 nn,,nn,This is a continuation of part 1 nn,,and part 2:,nn,my video first testimony video was a video response to Heaven or Hell- Reservations Please!nn,,nn,Do you KNOW everyone is making their reservations NOW for Heaven or Hell? We are the voices here by the Holy Spirit, to show you and Tell. nn,What you do NOW, determines where you spend ETERNITY! It doesn’t matter if in HEAVEN or HELL: It is YOUR choice to believe! It is YOUR choice NOT to believe! Your decision will alter your ETERNAL Destiny! Will you choose SALVATION or DAMNATION this very day? Or will you choose to throw YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACHS (Jesus Christ’s) BLOOD at Calvary away? PRAY the Salvation Prayer, and one day in HEAVEN with YAHUSHUA we will MEET you there!!!! nn,nn, Poem here!! nn,nn,IMPORTANT SALVATION Prayer and video:,nn,Prophecies and salvation prayer in several languages and more to come!!! YEA 😀,nn,Citizen in hell video link,nn,This video is Mini testimony of YAHUSHUA’S (Jesus’) Love for me personally and how Amightywind Ministries is such a blessing in my life for YAHUSHUAS GLORYnn,nn,Praise YAHUVEH so many beloveds in so many different dialects and languages around the world labor by our side translating prophecies and many are coming soon, keep watching 🙂 HALLELU-YAH! Rejoice with us! HOSANNA HOSANNA blessed is HE who comes in the NAME Of YAHUVEH!nn,nn,This video was inspired by ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and the RUACH HA KODESH after being touched reading a new ‘Daily Manna from Heaven’ (in video 2) brought forth via YAHSSHEEP777 for YAHUSHUAS GLORY! love you my brother, love you my family, thanks for all you do for YAHUSHUAS GLORY! We are so close!!nn,nn,Truly as we stand on the wall and call for the 500,000 to join us on the wall as in Proph. 16: “Don’t Muzzle MY Prophets!” “She [Elis.] has been attacked for as it has been prophesied, 500,000 mouthpieces of MINE shall rise up and all shout together. MY Prophets shall gather together and shout in unison and just like in the days of old it will be for MY Praise, Honor and Glory, a witness I am the same and do not change. Like the walls of Jericho have crumbled to dust. Like David Slaying Goliath. Don’t try and understand, only believe what I have spoken will come to pass. I shall have you stationed on the wall like a Nehemiah but your stations shall be around the world and you shall not come down from building the temple until I say the job is finished. Your job will be finished when I come again, not because of anything she does, but because she speaks forth MY roar of the LION of JUDAH.” AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! As YAH has spoken it, may it be so! “nn,nn,Repent today Heaven or Hell Reservations please Damnation? Or Salvation? accident No more comprising YAHUSHUA the MESSIAH JESUS loves me YAHUVEH GOD Holy Spirit Elisabeth Elijah Blessed Saved Testimony Messianic Jewish Pentecostal Last chance ministry We win Mount Carmel Fire of YAHWEH ALMIGHTY spirituality holy spirit saved prophecy lord truth religion health word Passover YAH SAVES New Beginnings TRUE LOVE prophet hebrew study

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