AMIGHTYWIND olm03 Study, Show yourself Approved

0 & www.ALMIGHTYWIND.comnn,nn,This is an open letter from Prophet Elisabeth Elijah of Amightywind Ministries to Millie (ruckcuz01) posted in 10 parts. It is read by me, YAHsServant777. The titles take this form: AMIGHTYWIND olm 1, 2, 3nn,nn,olm = open letter to Millienn,nn,Millie has both received this letter, and responded. She knows that this is being read and posted publically on youtube and has not objected but personally written Elisabeth Elijah saying, make whatever video you want of me.nn,nn,However, YAHUVEH has said this was to be made public because it will answer the questions many on YT have had in regard to this ministry.nn,nn,Everything you need to know about satanic plants, Tari Demario, Rich Keltner & Zeph Daniels as well as Bobby Barns (deceased 21 yr old satanist) & Angie Ray (deceased voodoo priestess whom masqueraded as a pastor) and others is contained herein.nn,nn,YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA have also said that everyone is to hear the radio archives on the Almightywind//Amightywind websites. You will hear the fruit of this ministry. Here is a link:nn,,These will also be posted on YT soon with a Prophetic warning to Rich Keltner.nn,nn,Here are all other links mentioned in this series of videos:nn,nn,Library -nn,,nn,Wolves in sheepsclothing Index:nn,,nn,Rich Keltner nn,,nn,Tari DeMario -nn,,nn,Angie Ray -nn,,nn,Bobby Barns nn,,nn,Zeph Daniel nn,,nn,Library -nn,

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