Is Halloween Kosher 4 Christians_


The only Christian alternatives to Halloween are the Holy Days sanctioned by God in HIS Word: Passover, Pesach; Unleavened Bread, Chag Ha Matza; Firstfruits, Bikurim; Pentecost, Shavuot; Rosh Ha Shanah, Jewish New Year, Yom Teruah, Day of Trumpets; Yom Kippur, Yom HaKipurim, Day of Atonement; Tabernacles, Chag Sukkot, Booths; Purim; Chanukah, Hanukah.nn,If that is not enough, there is also the weekly, 7th-day Shabbat, Sabbath!nn,All of these Holy Days point to JESUS CHRIST, YAHOSHUA, YAHUSHUA, Yeshua Mashiach and give all praise, honor and glory to Jehovah, YAHUVEH GOD ALMIGHTYnn,nn,Halloween is an UNHOLY, WICKED holiday which should NEVER be celebrated in any way by those of us who belong to YAHUSHUA!nn,Halloween was originally called “Samhain” – a pagan Celtic celebration that focused on death.nn,nn,1.Samhain celebrated the Celtic New Year and marked the transition from the Celts’ summer goddess to the horned god of the winter solstice.nn,nn,2.A festival of the dead-the Celts believed that the spirits of the dead and other spirit-beings (demons) were participants in their Samhain (Halloween) celebrations.nn,nn,3. Druids-priests of the Celtic tribes who celebrated Halloween. According to ancient Christian missionaries, human sacrifices were part of their worship.nn,nn,4. Pagan origin of familiar Halloween practicesnn,nn,a. Trick-or-treat-families would put out food for the ghosts and demons so they would not harm them.nn,nn,b. Jack-o’-lanterns-started out as carved images of spirit-beings. Originally, a light was put into a turnip or potato which had an ugly face carved into it. One purpose of the jack-o’-lanterns was probably to frighten the spirits who were thought to invade the earth on Halloween night into going back to the world of the dead.nn,nn,c. Bonfires-a look at the dictionary will reveal that the origin of this work is “bone-fire”-referring to large fires containing bones. Why bonfires? To help the sun “survive” the winter; to frighten off evil spirits; used for animals, and possibly human sacrifices.nn,nn,d. Bobbing for apples-began as a technique of divination. In some areas, this tradition continues.nn,nn,e. Bizarre costumes-The Celts hid themselves in ghoulish disguises at Halloween so that wandering spirits would mistake them for one of their own and pass by without incident. Masked villagers representing the souls of the dead also attempted to trick the spirits by forming a Parade and leading them to the town limits.nn,nn,f. Skeletons, skulls, and corpses-these naturally belong to Halloween as a festival celebrating death.nn,nn,g. Bats and owls-have been associated with Halloween since ancient times; the pagan Celts believed owls were able to communicate with the dead.nn,nn,h. Goblins, demons, ghosts, ghouls-these were thought by the ancient Celtic pagans to have special freedom to travel about among the living at Halloween.nn,nn,All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days as alternatives to Halloween- To provide a Christian alternative, churches began to celebrate the Feast of All Hallows, or All Saints, and the Feast of All Souls at the same time of year as the pagan holiday. Samhain picked up the name “Halloween” from the feast of All Hallows, but it has never been a Christian holiday. Many popular Halloween activities actually come from paganism and demon-worship.nn,nn,

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