Zombie Reality – Great Tribulation Prophecy, Are you Ready for this_


Great Tribulation Shocking Prophecy, Are you Ready for this? nn,http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/05/18/cdc-warns-public-prepare-zombie-apocalypse/#ixzz1Mkn1lmZZnn,nn,WARNING PROPHECY TRUTH ARE ZOMBIES REAL? NEVER GET VACCINATIONS TO PROTECT YOU FROM FAKE ZOMBIE PLAGUE ONLY GOD YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST CAN PROTECT YOU. The Governments are already preparing the people for Zombie Plague they will blame it on radiation,or a disease it is a LIE!This Prophecy exposes satan’s true agenda lie by using Illuminati PARANORMAL STATE TV series with Ryan Buell.The Illuminati proof is on a triangle with eye seen at intro of his TV show. There is Biblical evidence of the rising of the dead, but they are HOLY. YAHUSHUA/JESUS arose from the dead on the 3rd day. 2 witnesses will rise from the dead. Lazarus was dead in tomb for days before YAHUSHUA resurrected him. YAHUSHUA/LORD GOD JESUS arose from the dead ,at same time the tombs of the HOLY resurrected from dead,went to Jerusalem testifying YAHUSHUA is has risen HE is GOD! satan counterfeits genuine miracles. Most reading this will NOT be raptured will suffer in the Great Tribulation. The demonic realm will control the deceased heathen Corpse for the purpose to harm other people,cause great fear possess them.In the Great Tribulation.. nn, science may bring on a zombie plague early before Great Tribulation its not same from bottomless pit in GT! Science may experiment with forced vaccines but can’t take your soul!People who mock this Prophecy will reap what the sow in the GT doom! Warning Only people living Holy will be raptured, most people reading this will be In Great Tribulation it is close! PRAY YOU’RE COUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE IT! Others will see the terror coming from Bottomless Pit. if you don’t worship YAHUSHUA, make excuses to sin now, have lack of faith now, will you have faith then? USA GOVERNMENT IS WARNING OF ZOMBIE PLAGUE. REMEMBER PROPHECY 21 WAS RELEASED AUG 7 1998. Paranormal Ghost shows are popular shows on TV in movies. Paranormal activity 2 box office hits. Ghosts are Spirits, Zombies are not Spirit they appear as dead humans may not all look like ghouls! Zombies in GT have no soul body is controlled by satan! TAPS Ghosthunters offer evidence Ghosts are in haunted houses. People think their loved ones have returned to them. THIS WILL HAPPEN IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION THE ILLUMINATI SATANIC STAGE IS SET.The anti christ Illuminati stage is set now so people will not panic when the zombies walk the earth in the Great Tribulation. Prophecy 21 will shake up mans interpretation of the Bible. Truth “To be absent from the Body is to be present with the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST, IN HEBREW YAHUSHUA! When a follower of YAHUSHUA dies The Spirit leaves the Body goes to Heaven, if resurrected returns from Heaven to raise Body back up again like with Lazarus in the tomb,his body looked like it was sleeping but he was in Heaven in his Spiritual Body until he heard YAHUSHUA say “Lazarus Come forth” his Spirit entered back into the body so he would be alive. In GREAT TRIBULATION Bottomless pit demonic creatures will come from there and enter into the dead. NOT NOW! It is not the Great Tribulation yet! so don’t call me a false Prophet! Bible warns “touch not my anointed neither do my Prophets any harm”. For your soul sake even if you don’t believe GOD uses Prophets, don’t mock what you don’t understand. What if it is true? Do you really think a Pastor of International Ministry in 25 lanugages on Internet for 17 years would open myself up to mockery if it wasn’t true? I could have deleted this Prophecy but I OBEY YAHUSHUA/JESUS WARN Ezk.3 17-21 your blood will not be on my hands! Warning Don’t blaspheme the HOLY SPIRIT. What will you do when you find out it is true? The Bible says do not hate the gift of Prophecy. YAH loves people HE warns through HIS Prophets before Judgment.nn,Paranormal TV programs convince people ghosts of loved ones have returned how easy to do same in GT. If youre not saved,living Holy covered with Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH at that time, or you receive the Mark of the Beast , worship the Beast and his image, when youre bitten the bottomless pit demons will enter you becoming Zombie yourself. YAHUSHUA comforts HIS children in this Prophecy. You will be protected covered with HIS Blood. If you do what HE says zombies will not harm you. www.amightywind.com/salvation/salvation.htmnn,I rebuke satan’s unity gathering Nehemiah Center Cult in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH’s Name, 120 Prophecies please sub YAHSLadynred http://amightywind.com http://almightywind.com

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