AMIGHTYWIND’s YAHUSHUA’s demon STOMPERS troops are gathering on the wall. YAHUSHUA’s (Jesus’) Truthseekers check out AMIGHTYWIND.COM and ALMIGHTYWIND.COM. Also check out the channels of Amightywind Ministry partners like Yahssheep777, Native0083, Exposetheevil007 and Katpiering.,Listen to this Prophetic Message that was given to Elisabeth Elijah and learn about things like YAHUVEH’s Sabbath day and the importance of keeping this day Holy NOW as Sunday worship and Sunday Churches lead the way to worship of the antichrist. Sunday worship which will be reinstated again in the Great Tribulation will be connected to the Mark of the Beast. Satan will use this day to aside his people who will receive his mark. YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA will set THEIR people apart with THEIR Mark which is the Shabbat. ,Listen to this Prophetic Message and absorb this knowledge as you will need it in these End Times.,YAHSservant777 of Amightywind Ministries

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