Homemade Menorah for Hanukkah – Last Minute EASY Hanukkiah – oil or wax


(mirror from jarofclay9)nn,URGENT – ALWAYS use fire safetynn,nn,Last Minute Menorah, Homemade Hanukiah for Hanukah – oil or waxnn,nn,It’s as easy as lining up tea lights, candles, glasses or votive/tea candle holders. You can also decorate the tray the monorah rests in with marbles, pebbles or even rock salt. (Having a fire-safe tray will also help keep your tables and surfaces free or and wax/oil that may spill).nn,nn,ALWAYS follow the safety instructions that come with your candles’ packaging nn,-use proper candle holders (you can buy inexpensive ones at dollar stores, or stores like Walmart) & leave space between the lights.nn,-make sure the candle holders rest in a fire safe area (away from cloth etc) & on a fire safe, heat resistant surface, like marble or ceramicnn,-make sure to snuff out the lights (don’t blow them out which could send sparks to start a fire or hot wax flying – use an old metal spoon or the bottom or an old glass jar to snuff them out)nn,-NEVER leave the burning flames unattendednn,nn,Tea lights/candles are inexpensive and can be bought at most convenient stores, dollar stores, or home and garden stores.nn,nn,Turn it into an oil menorah by buying floating wicks, or prefilled oil cups for Hanukah. Buy these online or at any Judaica store.nn,nn,Use your imagination!nn,nn,= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =nn,Song: Traditional Hanukkah Chant, Hanerot Hallalu, sung by Melissa Morales – song in the Public Domainnn,= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =nn,I’m Messianic Jewish :)nn,visit amightywind.com ; or nn,almightywind.com

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