AMIGHTYWIND Prophecy 90 Part 1 _What Is The Name Of The RUACH ha KODESH_


Mirrored video originally uploaded by DaughterOfYAH27 on Jun 14, 2010,(thanks daughter) ,,Prophecy 90 ,What Is The Name Of The RUACH ha KODESH? ,Written/Spoken under the anointing of MOMMA SHKHINAH,Through Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu),February 27, 2007 ,You have permission to use this video unless your purpose is to mock/slander ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, RUACH HA KODESH, the Amightywind Ministry, Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) etc. If you decide to use (download/upload) this video, you must link to and in the description box and make them tags as well.,”I am MOMMA SHKHINAH, I am called ‘Wisdom’ and in Hebrew the RUACH ha KODESH and also called the HOLY SPIRIT. Elisabeth, I am the older woman’s shoulder you rested your head on in Heaven, in what you call a dream and yet it was not only a dream it is so much more. Elisabeth, remember when you shared the dream with the world and said, “You do not know who that woman was at the Banquet Table in Heaven, who loves me with such an overwhelming love?” ,I give you the answer now, it was I your MOMMA SHKHINAH, your MOMMA WISDOM (In Greek wisdom is translated to Sophia) this is why you have never grieved again or felt the void of never knowing a mothers love. Every baby is born with a desire and a need for a Mother and a Father’s love, because all humans are born as babes with a need of earthly love and protection of a Mother and a Father. It is MY LOVE that you basked in as you sat at the Banquet Table in Heaven with ME and your Heavenly ABBA YAHUVEH waiting for the others to join you. MY love and presence enveloped you, as I am your HOLY Mother; I am the only QUEEN of Heaven, there is none other. ,Satan has his counterfeit, she came as Jezebel and that spirit has invaded the majority of Churches where once I called them Holy. At one time MY HOLY SPIRIT, MY Holy presence, and Holy anointing power was welcomed as well as MY Holy Prophets and Apostles were sought after, but now most are insulted and driven away. ,There is only one genuine HOLY MOTHER, and I am also called The HOLY SPIRIT. Do not believe the lies the Catholic Church is teaching as they take Miryam (Mary) YAHUSHUA’s earthly mother and join her together as part of the Holy Trinity. She was HIS earthly mother but I am HIS Heavenly Mother. ,There is no other intercessor before the throne except YAHUSHUA, only through HIS Name and only through HIS Blood Sacrifice which is called the New Blood Covenant is there Salvation. YAHUSHUA’s earthly mother needed a Savior also, she was not perfect, nor claimed to be, she even called HIM Lord and if she had been perfect it would have been her blood sacrificed at Calvary that would be a sin sacrifice. She never asked anyone to worship her, nor desires it. She only wants people pointed to her son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Warn the Catholics not to call upon her name at the hour of their death, instead call upon the only Name that can save YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! ,I am speaking forth these revelations through you Elisabeth so you will tell the Holy people. If they will receive what is spoken in this prophecy they will once again see signs, wonders and miracles as in the times of old when YAHUSHUA walked the earth. If they will embrace the truths of the True Shabbat and I don’t mean Sunday! Learn the importance of honoring YAHUSHUA through the Holy Feasts. Shun the pagan Holidays that try to take the place of the true Heavenly Holy Days, use the Hebrew Sacred Names, live Holy and do not compromise nor be ashamed to speak forth what you know to be true. You will see a greater anointing than you have ever experienced in these end times. ,The Holy have become more holy and the evil have become more evil, now is the time for a greater anointing and revelations through prophecies, and words of knowledge. Take not the communion for granted it is a daily weapon to be used against satan as you put him in remembrance, he has no claim on you! Rebuke sin and sinners and don’t fear what others think when you speak forth and warn. Would you rather offend mere humans or YAHUVEH? It is so sad, how freedom to speak against the evils of this earth is being silenced because so many of MY Holy Children remain silent. One freedom after another is stripped away from you all over the world! ,Where were the Holy Children in America and around the world, when Judge Roy Moore was out numbered by the heathen and the American Government? He fought to keep a stone monument that he had designed and erected in honor of YAHUVEH and displaying the Ten Commandments? A Judge is to stand for righteousness and truth. Judge Roy Moore, Heaven promoted you….”

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