AMIGHTWIND Prophecy 88 – I, YAHUVEH, Toy With My Enemies! part 2


Mirrored Video Originally uploaded by T2Todd2 on Jul 2, 2010,(thanks son),,AMIGHTWIND Prophecy 88 – I, YAHUVEH, Toy With My Enemies!,Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu),October 16, 2006,,From prophet Elizabeth: “I have not read this in a very long time and we have to find the audio because WOW when you hear the Holy Tongues it is unlike anything thus far. We had a rental house in South Africa close to Capetown to rent the house we had to keep the maid but owner paid for her. Maid hated me 1st sight wanted me dead. She did voodoo in the house it was war! his maid couldn’t kill me with voodoo, so next thing she did was shut off the alarm. Beautiful safe homes means everyone has huge gates to protect property in S.Africa. Twice she shut off the alarm, turned off electricity late at night. I laugh at other enemies of this Ministry with their puny attempts to take my life. They don’t know that YAHUVEH has taught me or YDS Prayer intercessors how to fight back in YAHUSHUA’S Name the maid didn’t win nor will they!”,YAHUVEH sees HIS enemies and plans their destruction as they plot and attempt to kill HIS children. For those who project your spirits outside your bodies, beware for Abba YAHUVEH will cut your cord! Many of HIS enemies have fallen off the face of the earth as YAHUVEH sends them to hell and will later the Lake of Fire. HE protects HIS children and knows in advance what they plot. YAHUVEH is almost done toying with HIS enemies and many won’t even make it to the Great Tribulation, but praise YAHUVEH, all of creation praise HIM as HE rids the earth of that which contaminated and corrupted it!,God YAH hell heaven satanists judgment anger wrath destruction satan evil Bride of YAHUSHUA Jesus rapture T2Todd2 christians yahsladynred

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