Dva Pomazanja se udružuju AmightyWind Serbian


Originally Published on Sep 5, 2016 by Goran AbiYah (thanks beloved son) ,Two Anointings Become One with English Subtitles,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_aUhud6liE,U šta verujemo? Pročitajte Iskaz Vere AmightyWind Službe:,http://www.amightywind.com/serbianwebsite/about/iskazverelat.html,Srpska stranica sa prevodima Svetih Proroštva:,http://www.amightywind.com/serbian.html,Za više informacija posetite:,http://www.amightywind.com,___________________________,Prava, Hebrejska Imena BOGA:,JAH / JAHU (יה) – Sveto Ime BOGA,JAHVE / JAHUVE (יהוה) – Ime BOGA OCA,JAHŠUA / JAHUŠUA (יהושוע) – Ime BOGA SINA,ŠEKANJAH / ŠEKANJAHU (שכניה) – Ime SVETOG DUHA,ELOHIM (אלוהים) – ‘BOG’,ADONAJ (אדני) – ‘GOSPOD’,ABA JAH (אבא יה) – ‘OTAC JAH’,IMA JAH (אמא יה) – ‘MAJKA JAH’,ha MAŠIAH (המשיח) – ‘MESIJA’ (‘HRIST’),RUAH ha KODEŠ (רוח הקדש) – ‘SVETI DUH’,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~,http://amightywind.com,From Apostle Elisheva: ,This is the first conversation I had with Prophet Ezra as he skyped with Associate Minister Kathrynyah and I joined her via telephone. We did not even see one another, and yet GOD ALMIGHTY was already joining our Anointing together as one!,Suffering at the hands of a reprobate man, on a day I thought was the darkest of my life, instead turned out instead to be a gift from Heaven, the best in a man where I had known the worst. What I thought was the end of the Ministry and my life, was really a new beautiful beginning, unknown to me—it would be Prophet Ezra from Israel who only three months later, now stands with me as leader of AmightyWind Ministries.,Watch Prophecy 127,https://youtu.be/ciYlk7UEKYY,Red Sea Crossing for AmightyWind Ministries:,Elisheva Eliyahu’s Exodus & Ezra Arises as Apostle

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