WHAT = LOVE_ [Teaching that involves the Commandments of YAH and the Jewishness of Jesus]


Teaching about Biblical LOVE, and how satan has deceived the christian churches, communities and simply many christians by stealing from them the Standard YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) gave them to determine what LOVE is. Lawlessness has become “love” to them..but can we love YAHUVEH/YAHWEH the way HE has called us to Love HIM without the law? Many think they can, yet are living a life in confusion with their own unclear concept of what LOVE is. Through this deception among those that call themselves Christians satan has subtly corrupted the churches into a Rebellious people that call Good evil, and evil Good. YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ)’s Prophecy is being fulfilled in these Last Days by those that claim they know HIM, yet have no clue who HE is. nn,nn,This deception among “christians” always goes together with an injection of PRIDE and HATE towards the Jewish people. Many are full of satan’s spirit, yet truly believe they have the Holy Spirit within them. nn,nn,This teaching is valuable to all that love and seek the Truth, it is purposely made as simple that a child can understand it. The Truth is meant to be simple, Hell and the Lake of Fire were originally not created for human souls. That is the Power of Truth, it is reserved for the little children. Yet I believe that many more “christians” will receive the Mark of the Beast and go to Hell, than many of the atheists and unbelievers they look so down upon. nn,nn,This teaching is for YAHUSHUA’s Honor and Glory, may HE bless it in HIS Holy Name and draw those that seek the Truth nigh.nn,nn,Visit WWW.AMIGHTYWIND.COM & WWW.ALMIGHTYWIND.COMnn,nn,~YAHSservant777 from AMIGHTYWIND Ministry

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