Prophecy from YAHUSHUA Jesus, Judgment to the wolves!!! Amightywind com Ministry


Originally published on Sep 12, 2012 by WeepingLambOfYah ,PRAISE YAHUSHUA! Receive a Free Book “Secrets of the Holy Spirit” with offering of 30 euros or more:,Prophecy 23 Church Of The Pretenders…Let MY People Go!!!,,GOD gave HIS prophecies to HIS Prophet Elisabeth Elijah, speaking about warnings to the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Amightywind Ministry is Holy GOD’S Ministry, not named by a man or a woman. Please check the website and Prophecies (,YAH’S Ministry preaches the total truth, no watered down truth. It’s about REPENTANCE, living a HOLY life before GOD, keep HIS Commandments, keeping the Sabbath Holy. GOD also speaks of encouragement to HIS children and those who OBEY HIM. Amightywind Ministry celebrates the Jewish Feasts that was instructed by ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF! Don’t forget the Messiah was a Jew, HE was a Hebrew. So why shouldn’t we also follow what HE did back the time? It would be a blessing to observe the Jewish feasts that Jesus/YAHUSHUA also observed, wouldn’t it? The Jewish feasts were instructed by HIS Father. This is all about how we RESPECT the Creator and the SAVIOUR of our souls. It proves our love to THEM.,~*~*~,And Lord YAHUSHUA(Jesus’ Sacred Hebrew Name) speaks: ,”LET MY PEOPLE GO!” A new prophecy is coming forth this day. A warning to the wolves in sheep’s clothing that stand in the office of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher that are out to devour MY sheep to abuse, kill or to maim them, control, deceive, or chase them away. “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” As in the days of Moses, when I spoke to the Evil Pharaoh and I said, “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” So I say unto you this day, to the wolves who pretend to be MINE, but do not even know who I am! Those that pretend to love ME and serve ME and quote MY words, and yet do not even know who I am! I say unto you this day “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” ,There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, they are doing miracles and signs and wonders. They are saying they are doing these miracles in MY Name. They are on your television and radio stations and yet I tell you this, it is not by the power of MY RUACH ha KODESH that they do these things. It is by the Power of hell itself. Do not be deceived. Do not be led astray. For the antichrist is going to do this and so much more. Beware MY innocent children. There are those reading this now that won’t listen, but later you will remember these words I have spoken. Not all who do signs, wonders and miracles are of ME. There is always a counterfeit, remember that. Satan only counterfeits the genuine anointing and gifts of MY RUACH ha KODESH. ,But I command these wolves this day who deceive MY sheep and lead them astray with false doctrines, mind control, mind deception, mind manipulation, lying and deceiving spirits. “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” I am a God that will not be MOCKED any longer. You have stolen their tithes and offerings. That which is meant to be holy and I tell you this now, you will be held accountable for all that you have done. For you have done this in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. You have pretended to be MINE and yet your heart is far from ME. So I tell you this day, “Wolves in sheep’s clothing, judgment starts at the house of YAHUVEH, even for the church of the pretenders.,One last time “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” You have abused MY sheep and MY lambs you wicked, evil shepherds, wolves in sheep’s clothing and wolves in a sheep’s mask. You have beaten them unmercifully. You have made them think you are a god to be worshipped and adored and only you can hear from ME. You have lied to them and told them even they are a god, they are a little messiah. You twist MY scriptures and lead them astray. The spirit of the pastor is the spirit of the church. You evil shepherds, you take MY holy tithes and offerings and you make the people think it is to go for redecorating or a new building and you line your pockets with their gold and you think they have no right to know what it is really going for. You have fleeced MY flock. You evil shepherds don’t teach right from wrong….”,Salvation page and prayer with videos,,Norwegian page:,African site: ,Chinese site: ,Polish site: ,Spanish site: ,Hebrew page:,Proof behind the prophecies:,,Elisabeth Elijahs testimony

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