AMIGHTYWIND COM – to Our Friends part 2


This is a message to our friends, YAHUSHUA’s truthseekers who hear HIS Voice and listen to no other shepherd HalleluYAH! Visit or and do not reject the spiritual that is found there for you will need it. Seek to draw closer to YAHUSHUA and HE will draw closer to you. Feed on the anointing and grow. The Great Tribulation is breathing down upon our necks we have to reach as many souls as possible. Learn about the Jewishness of your Messiah now and why it is important to get used to and use his Sacred Hebrew Name YAHUSHUA MASHIACH as the Greek Name of Jesus Christ will lose it’s power and grace in the Great Tribulation when the son of perdition will be standing there and say “I am Jesus Christ!” YAHUVEH will set HIS remnant apart that will worship HIM on the Sabbath which is NOT Sunday. Sunday worship and the Mark of the Beast will be connected in the Great Tribulation! nn,nn,Stay tuned YAHUSHUA’s truthseekers,nn,nn,in YAH’s Love YAHSservant 777

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