THIS PROPHECY IS ENTITLED “I, YAHUVEH say, JUDGMENT HAS BEEN SET” ,When this Prophecy (117) will be spoken forth in an audible voice in the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH and the authority of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, something will happen in the spiritual realm for JUDGMENT HAS BEEN SET BY YAHUVEH GOD for HIS Enemies and the enemies of this Ministry. YAHUVEH woke Elisabeth up several days ago asking her who she wanted HIM to take down first. As she started naming all she knew she said I do not know they are so many and so evil. YAHUVEH said to let HIM pick the first one for HIS decision and timing is PERFECT. Once one enemy falls the rest will follow like dominoes. The enemies of this Ministry as the prophets of Baal in times of old will meet and battle on spiritual Mount Carmel. These enemies as in times of Elijah of old, will be Judged by YAHUVEH as HIS enemies come against HIS Elijah of New right now. YAHUVEH calls Elisabeth Elijah HIS Elijah of New. As a matter of fact, triple the anointing of Elijah of Old came upon her in Maui Hawaii. Check out this link for this happening is being spoken of by YAHUVEH in the Prophecy.,,Read also about “the educated fool” whose death was prophesied by Elisabeth Elijah after he refused to repent coming against this Ministry, teaching his young son to not fear God for there is no God. Elisabeth was battling for his soul, but as this Ministry is called the Last Chance End Time Ministry this literally was his Last Chance. Read about the educated fool and this is a warning for all similar educated fools and the enemies of this Ministry who defy YAHUVEH refusing to repent.,,Elisabeth Elijah did not curse this man, it is YAHUVEH who spoke it forth through her she is but HIS anointed vessel of clay. Do not test YAHUVEH God’s grace.,There has been a fireball sighted in the skies, going from N Ireland to S Ireland where several YDS’s live. Read about it in this link,This sign in the sky was seen just after sunset on the day that the Red Sea Miracle Fast ended on Feb. 3rd. This fireball is a warning for YAH’s enemies and represents HIS Wrath. HIS Fury is about to be unleashed on the first one, and only HE knows who that will be. YAHUVEH will set an example in a way only HE knows. ,YAHUSHUA’s Truthseekers, visit and

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