soldiersofthecross PEDOPHILES 4of6 – John and Sheren exposed as false prophets and child abusers


Important person on the phone; Tobi D. the biological daughter of Sheren of soldiersofthecross testifying of both Sheren and John’s pedophilia, child abbuse, death threats and false prophecy. Explaining why these sins cannot possibly be covered by the Blood of Jesus as John made up he was a prophet to get Sheren back after she left him for confessing he was a pedophile. They left their own children behind, abused, threatened and in fear without any kind of remorse or attempt to show regret or repentance. Even before they became the soldiersofthecross they used religion and the Word of GOD as a tool for their own purposes. In other words soldiersofthecross are not one bit who they claim to be. These are the people that dare to point the fingers at others, accusing them of things they have ZERO evidence to, now their own children come forth testifying that the things they accuse others of they do themselves! Come to know what Tobi D. has to say regarding her biological mom and the man known as John.nn,nn,~This Ministry did NOT in any kind of way, shape or form dig for any clues or seek for any persons to come forth to testify of these Truths against soldiersofthecross. Tobi came forth and contacted us and we got into an agreement to put these Truths out for the sake of the protection of children. nn,nn,YAHUSHUA’s Truth seekers, be blessednn,nn,YAHSservant777 Youth minister of

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