Keep Gods True Sabbath Day Holy Flee Man made Religions (incl Catholicism)


Originally published on Apr 18, 2012 by Reuven0725 nn,(thanks beloved son) nn,nn,This is Prophecy 26 given to Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah under the Anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit). This Prophecy was delivered on January 1, 1999, however it still applies to this day and onwards.nn,nn,Prophecy 26:,nn,Index of Prophecies given to Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah: nn,,46nn,nn,http://www.Amightywind.comnn,http://www.Almightywind.comnn,nn,Salvation page and prayer with videosnn,,nn,African site: nn,Chinese site: nn,Polish: nn,Spanish site: nn,Hebrew page:,nn,Proof behind the prophecies:nn,,nn,Elisabeth Elijahs testimony nn,,nn,FREE DOWNLOAD STUDY GUIDE COMPARING KJV OT WITH HEBREW WORDS http://www.SCRIPTURE4ALL.ORG nn,Judges 3:10 compare and see for yourself how KJV changed the Hebrew word to Greek.nn,nn,YAHUVEH YAHWEH YAHUSHUA YAHSHUA RUACH HA KODESH HOLY SPIRIT YESHUA JESUS MESSIAH LORD SAVIOUR SALVATION TRUTH LIFE GRACE BIBLE BIBLICAL WORD GOSPEL TORAH SABBATH SHABBAT KINGDOM OF HEAVEN CITIZEN HELL LAKE FIRE JUDGEMENT AMIGHTYWIND ALMIGHTYWIND MINISTRY HEBREW YAHSLADYNRED PROPHET PROPHECY PREACHING CHRISTIAN JEW CHRISTIANITY MESSIANIC JUDAISM PASTOR RABBI CHURCH ATHEIST ETERNITY TONGUES PENTACOSTAL POPE CATHOLIC ANTICHRIST EXPOSED APOSTASY APOSTATE

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