Yossi Azulay – Adon Olam


sang by Yossi Azulay, from the album “Tfilot” (Prayers),**********************************,Adon olam, asher malach,Beterem kol yetzir nivra,L’et na’asah vecheftzo kol,Azai melech shemo nikra,V’acharey kichlot hakol,levado yimloch nora,Vehu haya, vehu hoveh,vehu yih’yeh betifara,Vehu echad, ve´ein sheni,lehamshil lo, lehachbira,Beli reishit, beli tachlit,velo ha’oz vehamisrah,Vehu Eli, vechai go’ali,vetzur chevli beyom tzarah,Vehu nisi umanos li,menat kosi beyom ekra,—————————————,The Lord of Eternity (Universe), who reigned,Before anything was created,When all was made by his will,Mighty King His name was called,And when all should cease to be,The Awesome One alone would reign,And He was, and He is,And He shall be in glory,And He is one, and there is no other,To compare to Him, or be equal to Him,Without beginning, without end,And to Him is the power and the sovereignty ,And He is my God, and He is my living Redeemer,And the rock of my affliction on the day of trouble,And He is my banner and my refuge,Who fills my cup on the day I call

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