See Demon manifest on throat of woman! RahabtheJerichonite the mouth of HELL


SEEING IS BELIEVING! Demons DO exist, so does satan. See demon manifest on the throat of this woman who goes by username RahabtheJerichonite on YouTube. Proof before your very eyes. Is this a demon? Satan? Or an alien? This woman’s throat shows a life demonic spirit and this same demonic spirit speaks lies from the pit of Hell through her mouth. Aliens are hybrids of demons. Some call them reptilians. This woman claims to be a Christian but she has attacked a Holy Pastor/Prophet at for over a year, spreading lies from the pit of Hell. The voice speaking out of her is demonic and the proof is seen in this video as a DEMON manifests on her neck. Pictures do not lie. Proof demons do exist! If you have another explanation write me. Please feel free to mirror this to warn people that satan, demons, aliens are real… the proof is in the picture. When you do so, please DO NOT change the content of my words if you use the entire video. If you do not use the entire video, you can use the picture and footage alone to mirror it but the name of the woman RahabtheJerichonite who has the demon manifesting must be included in the title also. This woman is dangerous and people must be warned. Her other Youtube username is etherdancer. Let me know where it is posted so I can sub to you. Please leave YAHSservant777 as original owner of video in description so people are being led to YAHUSHUA’s (Jesus’) AmightyWind Ministry for Salvation and Holy Prophetic Words for this End Time generation.,This woman who is proudly part of pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc’s Nehemiah Center, a satanic coven of occultists masquerading as “messianic jews” and “christians” to carry out an evil agenda for satan on places like YouTube, has taken part for more than a year in the emotional gang rape (for lack of a better term) of my beloved pastor Elisabeth Elijah from AmightyWind Ministries. Now is the time for me to speak out against this lying hypocrite who sows confusion with the pretense of a “messianic Jew” and uses GOD’s Name in vain to lie, manipulate, glorify the occult, cover up her transgressions and sins, and even more-so the crimes of her so-called “pastor”georgec aka pastorgeorgecc so he can weasel his way out of his criminal activities and sins that have already been EXPOSED.,While preparing this video for GOD’s Glory and to defend HIS prophet Elisabeth Elijah, HE started showing me that this woman’s spiritual household is such a mess that a demonic spirit even MANIFESTS on her throat for the physical eye to see!,Come to know in this video that according to RahabtheJerichonite’s judgment and standards that she applies to others, she is GUILTY. Guilty of adultery, fornication, whoredom and idolatry.,Come to an understanding how this woman is in an adulterous relationship with donny71954 with whom she is supposedly “married”, yet I received a message from a man who claims to have been her husband for 11 years before RahabtheJerichonite was snatched away by pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc and cohorts in the Nehemiah Center who recruited her in their satanic coven and “married” her to donny71954. RahabtheJerichonite left her husband who became a believer in Jesus Christ out of the blue and pulled off a so-called marriage with another man IN HIS FACE on YouTube.,Come to an understanding that the fruit of RahabtheJerichonite is ROTTEN to the core and there is no way, absolutely now way that this woman is filled with the Holy Spirit and a born again believer in Jesus Christ. This is a lie, and pastorgeorgec aka pastorgeorgecc and his Nehemiah Center use this woman as COVER UP as they program these liars to defend and cover them on places like YouTube., ,After this video you will understand that this woman is a HYPOCRITE of the first order, who has dared to point a finger at Prophet Elisabeth Elijah, making herself some kind of a judge and jury saying Elisabeth is a false prophet. When you look at this video you will realize that with the arguments RahabtheJerichonite has given to claim Elisabeth is a false prophet she actually CONDEMNS herself. That which these hypocritical liars accuse Elisabeth and those part of AmightyWind Ministry of, they DO THEMSELVES.,Watch this video if you love the truth and be blessed.

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