HIDDEN And PROTECTED BY GOD Dream from Sept 23, 2012 by YAHSLittleone


Originally Published on Sep 23, 2012 by YAHSlittleone (thanks beloved sis),http://www.amightywind.com,http://www.almightywind.com,salvation prayer video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83i1SKNM18,Prophecy 53 “I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE VICTORY!”,Truly MY Children, you face the Red Sea. Truly MY Children, the evil Pharaoh and troops are behind you, but MY children just as I provided a way of escape for Moses and the children of Israel, so too I shall do it again. MY Children, in the days ahead you shall see things come upon this world that will make you shake your head and you will wonder and you will say, “Where is our YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA today?” ,Prophecy 7 “Hold On Tight To The Hem Of MY Garment!”,The Hem of MY garment, it’s not enough to just touch it anymore. Keep knocking at MY door, then when the answer doesn’t come fast enough, pound. When you get weary, keep on asking, seeking and ye shall find, but don’t stop till you hear from Heaven.For I have promised you MY Children, bread and not the crumbs of this world. For you see judgment has come to the house of YAHUVEH and it’s not as easy as touching MY hem, or knocking softly for your answers, you better be prepared it may take wrestling for your blessing, like Jacob. But it only proves your faith and makes it stronger, which is needed in these end times. So keep on saying no more crumbs. You will not be denied. For you’re the Blood bought Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I will answer and deliver you. I do not lie. For you are promised not the crumbs of this world, but the bread of life, the children’s bread of healing, deliverance, prosperity, life abundantly and full of glory. For YAHUSHUA is your Bread of Life and I want to see if you will still praise ME, and hang on to your faith though I don’t answer right away. I am not always a microwave God.,Prophecy 10 “Take Back What Satan Has Stolen!” ,MY Beloved know this; everything that happens is orchestrated by the Master’s hands. Though it appears to be evil, I will turn it around for good. Even satan’s plans, I shall turn around and deliver you in such a mighty way. People will have to acknowledge that the God you serve, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH still rules and reigns and lives and there is none like unto ME. ,Prophecy 33 “The Horror, The Horror, The Horror!As In The Time of Hitler, So It Will Be Again!”,Wherever you go I will keep you safe. Whatever is to happen know that I am with you, and I will keep you safe. Does a Groom allow any harm to come to HIS Bride? You are MY Bride, I am your Groom. Yes, I am coming soon but until you see me do not think I will not shelter and protect MY Bride. Does not MY Word say, “Though 1,000 fall by your side, though the dead surround you, I will keep you safe?” Remember when the Israelites and the Egyptians were surrounded by darkness and light? Remember when the Egyptians had plagues and the Israelites had none? They lived side by side did they not? Yet the Israelites were protected. So it was then, so it shall be again. GREAT HORROR, GREAT HORROR, GREAT HORROR will come to those that have flaunted MY laws in MY face spit upon MY Torah and defiled the Holy Word and ripped it in shreds. ,Prophecy 116 “You Must Be Faith Waterwalkers” ,But let not fear overtake you, remember where your faith is. Put your faith not in economics, not in finances, not in your job where you are employed or what businesses you own. Put your faith only in I, ABBA YAHUVEH and MY only begotten Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH and the precious RUACH ha KODESH. Keep your faith and your eyes on the promises that I have given you. Be water walkers. Peter would not have known that he could walk on the water if he had not stepped out the boat and took that first step walking towards YAHUSHUA. It was fear that caused him to start to drown, but when his eyes beheld YAHUSHUA once again he could walk on the water again. This is what I ask of you. You must be faith water walkers …,Please also read wwwscripture4all.org interlinear Hebrew Bible especially book of Judges and see how the HOLY SPIRIT/RUACH HA KODESH is referred to.

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