AMIGHTYWIND – Prophecy 88 I YAHUVEH Toy With MY Enemies! part 1


Mirrored Video Originally Uploaded by T2Todd2 on Jul 7, 2010,(thanks son),,PROPHECY 88,I, YAHUVEH, TOY WITH MY ENEMIES!,Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu),October 16, 2006,,The enemies of YAHUVEH are great in number and they seek to destroy HIS children, even though their attempts are futile. YAHUVEH’s Holy linking warring angels do surround HIS bride and this ministry which has been given the mandate to call the rest of the Bride all around the world together against the wall needs as much help as possible in implementing YAHUVEH’s plans. How have you helped? Financial burdens are great, what have you done to help? ,YAHUVEH sees HIS enemies and slays them even during their prayers to satan. HE strikes fear into HIS enemies and they run in seven different directions. Many of HIS enemies have entered hell and will the Lake of Fire and many more are going there very soon; that is their reward. HIS bride will be rewarded with eternal life and gifts unimaginable for the work they have done for HIM and YAHUSHUA. What stand will you take?,Prophecy 88

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