_Alien killed in my bathroom!_ -says Sherry Shriner (laughter guaranteed)


If you thought you’d had it all with Sherry Shriner, just watch this video and understand that “YES, it CAN get EVEN MORE insane!”,Sherry Shriner now flat out claims to be God!,She claims that planet earth is her planet and that she is literally pulling people out of hell! Then not to mention, this alien/reptilian is ADMITTING to abducting/kidnapping people!,THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO, LAUGHTER GUARANTEED,Please visit http://amightywind.com or http://almightywind.com,~YAHSservant777, one of the Youth Ministers of AmightyWind Ministry – kicking alien behind in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH / JESUS CHRIST

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